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Boat Docks and Decks


Boat Lifts

Seawalls and Retaining Walls


Rock Revetments - Rip Rap

Service Department

Florida Shoreline wants you to feel comfortable with your selection of a marine construction company.  With over 18 years experience improving all types of waterfront properties we pride ourselves on our ability to complete all phases and aspects of a marine construction project. 

We listen to our client’s wishes and accomplish their goals while preserving the natural beauty and integrity of the Florida environment and ecology.  We take pride in our professionalism and our ability to keep our projects within budget while maintaining the high quality of workmanship that Florida Shoreline customers expect.

We specialize in the installation and construction of:

  • Boat Lifts

    • From 1,500 lb. to 0,000 lb. Capacities

    • PWC Lifts

    • Sailboat Lifts

    • Kayak Lifts

    • Fishing Boat Lifts

    • Large Yacht Lifts

    • Pontoon Boat Lifts

    • Custom Lifts Available for any Size or Type of Boat


  • Seawalls and Retaining Walls

    • New Seawalls—Vinyl, Concrete, or Wood

    • Seawall and Seawall Cap Repairs

    • Erosion Hole Repair  


  • Rock Revetments

    • Small Rocks on the Pond or Lake

    • Medium Size Rocks on The River or Bay

    • Large Rocks on The Gulf

  • Dredging

    • Mechanically Dredging of Your Marina or Canal

    • Hydraulically Dredging Around Your Dock or Boat Lift

Before, Old Seawall and Boat Dock
After, New Seawall, Dock and Boat lift
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Boat Dock, Sarasota Bay
Dock with step down
Custom wood wall
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Custom Sailboat Lift
Deco Boat Lift
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