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Concrete Leveling Sarasota

Florida Shoreline and Foundation is expanding our foundation services.  Many of our foundation customers not only need helical pilings but also could benefit from Mudjacking.  The process of concrete leveling is known by various names such as mudjacking, pressure grouting, and slab jacking; which all will repair your sinking and settling concrete with greater ease and less expense, often half the cost of replacement.


You will be a candidate for mudjacking if your driveway, sidewalk, walkway, patio, swimming pool deck, or foundation are out of level, is pooling water or creating a trip hazard we can lift and stabilize the concrete slab to its original position.



Low Cost - Most concrete can be raised for less than half the cost of replacement

Hassle Free - Most jobs can be completed in just a few hours with little or no disruption of normal activities, and no damage to the surrounding lawn or landscaping

Stability - The grout mixture is very dense and prepared on-site ensuring a quality, long term repair

Safety - The end result will be an even concrete surface that eliminates concerns of trips and falls or bothersome drainage issues.

We can raise almost any settling concrete slab:

  • Driveway leveling

  • Patio leveling

  • Pool deck leveling

  • Sidewalk leveling

  • Garage floor leveling

  • Street leveling


The soil underneath driveways, sidewalks, pool decks and patios can erode and settle for various reasons. The process of concrete leveling is:

  • Drilling a series of 1½" holes through the slab.

  • A grout mixture is prepared on-site to meet the desired consistency based on the nature and amount of settlement.

  • The grout is injected under the sinking slab with controlled hydraulic pressure to fill all voids and hollows.


By carefully controlling the proportions of the grout mixture and pressure we can precisely raise the sunken concrete slab.  Once the voids are filled, the slab virtually “floats” to the desired height. After lifting, the holes are cleaned and filled with mason sand and cement. The final result is a level concrete area free from trip hazards, water pooling, and drainage problems.

Don’t replace it, raise it! The concrete leveling and restoration process is effective on just about any concrete slab, and can usually be completed in just one day.


Mudjacking is a proven, practical, and inexpensive alternative to concrete slab replacement.

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