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Rock Revetments and Rip Rap

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rock revetment sarasota
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Often a vertical seawall or retaining wall is not the best option to protect your shoreline. Rock revetments (sometimes call rip rap) are the quickest to install and the most ecologically and economically friendly of all the shoreline hardening options.

Rip rap rocks are an effective means to stop erosion on the Gulf of Mexico, Sarasota Bay, Manatee River, or a small lake or pond. Rock revetments consist of Florida limestone rocks ranging in size from 4″ to 4′. Although rock revetments can be quick and inexpensive, please consult with Florida Shoreline regarding important factors such as filter cloth, toe trenches and rock size. All such factors must be considered to properly and effectively protect your shoreline.

Florida Shoreline will work with you to determine the correct rock size, quantity, location, and equipment needed based on your needs, budget, and permit constraints.

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