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Shoreline erosion is a large and growing issue in many communities throughout Florida.  Erosion is caused by both natural and man-made forces, such as rain, wind, waves, irrigation systems, and gutter downspouts.  Shoreline restoration with geotextile tubes is the most cost effective and environmentally friendly method to counteract all these forces, and restore and beautify a shoreline overcome by erosion. 

The tubes are constructed of UV protected, polypropylene, non-woven geotextile fabrics, and can be custom made to be installed along any shoreline.

The method is simple:  A small hydraulic dredge pumps the sand and silt material from within the lake and fills the tubes placed along the shoreline.  The tubes allow water to flow through while retaining the sand, silt, and other debris.  Once the tubes are full and the shoreline is graded and sodded (sod roots will grow into the tubes) the life span of the new shoreline is limitless.


The end result is a long lasting, stabilized, and beautiful shoreline resistant to future erosion.

Benefits of Geotextile Tube Shoreline Restoration

·         Filters water runoff before it reaches the lake

·         Deepens the lake to help satisfy SWFWMD stormwater management requirements

·         Slows/stops future erosion

·         Increased property values

·         Beautifies the shoreline

·         Protects the shoreline and property

·         Expands and enlarges your yard

·         No heavy equipment is needed

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