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We work with Homeowners, Contractors, Sub-Contractors, Homeowner Associations, Property Managers, Engineers and Architects.

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Shoreline Restoration and Lake Dredging

Rock Revetments - Rip Rap

We provide marine construction, shoreline restoration with geotextile tubes, dredging, seawalls, boat docks, decks and boatlifts. Florida Shoreline is licensed by the state of Florida and carries 6006F marine construction insurance. 

You need a shoreline restoration contractor that has the expertise, background, and tools to get the job done right without you being an expert in shorelines, seawalls, rock revetments or boat docks. We understand you do not do this every day and that this is a big decision. The good news is that we do this every day all across Florida and we can walk you through the process; whether you’re a home owner, an association, or in the construction industry.

If your shoreline, boat dock or boat lift is falling into disrepair, we can help you with a free repair estimate.

Whether you need some erosion holes repaired behind your seawall or an all new seawall, a few deck boards replaced or an all new boat dock, your boat lift greased and serviced or a new boat lift for your boat Florida Shoreline has the knowledgeable staff to complete any size job.  We will meet with you, discuss your objectives and determine the best solution based on the permitting constraints and your budgeting requirements.

For shoreline restoration, which can be broad in scope for larger developments, we start by helping to identify the best solutions given the existing conditions and your budget requirements. Florida Shoreline has the equipment and knowledgeable staff required to design, permit and construct any size project. For projects already designed, we provide competitive pricing, quality workmanship and the service you expect.

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