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Seawalls, Retaining Walls & Seawall Repairs - Sarasota and Bradenton

Throughout Florida concrete seawalls are plentiful, yet obsolete. Fifty years ago, the options to protect a shoreline with a vertical seawall were limited to wood or concrete. Concrete is strong yet very rigid and porous. If any settling or movement occurs (which it does) this will lead to premature cracking and failing of the wall. Although it is a huge investment in your home concrete seawalls do not come with ANY guarantee. Concrete seawalls do not come with third party testing certifying strength, where and how it was made, or by whom.

New Seawalls

Vinyl sheet panel seawalls installed by Florida Shoreline come with a 50-year limited product guarantee not to crack, rot or decay—something no other product can offer. This guarantee is transferable to a new home buyer. Vinyl sheet panel seawalls have been thoroughly tested to ASTM and BOCA standards and have the documentation to prove it. Not only does this give you the peace of mind knowing your seawall will stand the test of time and Mother Nature, but it will also say the same to a potential buyer when you choose to sell/move.

Vinyl sheet panels can be used on the bay or on the golf course to construct a new seawall or retaining wall, or can be installed in front of your existing failing wall to give you a new seawall without the costs of removing and disposing the old one.

Vinyl sheet panels come in different colors to fit your aesthetic needs and can be fitted with a wood, aluminum, or concrete cap depending upon your design parameters and budget. Ask your Florida Shoreline sales consultant for a sample.


Wood Retaining Walls

If you prefer a more traditional look a wood retaining wall may be the right option for you. Built with the highest available 2.5 C.C.A. pressure treated timbers, wood walls will give you the right protection and security combined with the “old fashioned” aesthetics you require. 

Seawall Repairs

Often a new seawall may not be needed. A new seawall wrap cap, tiebacks, or minor repairs may be sufficient to secure the wall for several more years.  Call Florida Shoreline for a no obligation consultation of your existing seawall or retaining wall.  We perform hundreds of inspections each year.  Our recommendations are often less expensive than the homeowner expected. ​


  • Seawall Wrap Caps

  • New Tiebacks

  • Erosion Repairs

Seawall Illustration
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