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Shoreline Restoration with Geotextile Tubes and Rock Revetment

Park Trace Estates in Osprey, FL had an ongoing erosion problem.  After exploring several options with many different companies Park Trace chose Florida Shoreline to solve their shoreline erosion problems.

Park Trace chose to protect and restore their shorelines with both geotextile tubes and rock revetment---over 2,300 linear feet of shoreline restoration.

One of the three ponds already had rock on part of the shoreline.  Due to a previous contractor not installing the rock properly, Florida Shoreline had to first remove what was done just a few  years earlier.  After properly preparing the shoreline heavy duty filter cloth was laid and trenched into place.  The rock was then placed by hand (not dumped by machine) to ensure a properly constructed and nice looking rock revetment shoreline.  

For the two other lakes the homeowners didn’t want to look at rock in their back yards.  They liked grass leading all the way to the water’s edge.  In these areas the geotextile tubes were installed.  Both solutions will provide Park Trace the peace of mind and protection they deserve.  

Florida Shoreline is unique in that we do not push just one product/solution.  We will visit your site and determine what will work best within the aesthetic, budget, and structural requirements of the community.  Call us today for a free no obligation inspection and quote.

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