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Shoreline Restoration with Geotextile Tubes

The Landings in Sarasota had an erosion problem that was approaching the foundation of a building.  The shoreline had eroded so far that no one could walk around to the back of the building without getting their feet wet.  After talking to several consultants and contractors Florida Shoreline was chosen to complete the shoreline restoration and give them the peace of mind they were looking for.  With superior aesthetics compared to other options, being more environmentally friendly, and being less expensive, geotextile tubes were chosen.

Florida Shoreline has completed thousands of feet of shoreline restoration within Southwest Florida.  No job is too big or too small.  Call us today for a free no obligation inspection and quote.   We will visit your site and discuss the benefits of geotextile tubes, as well as explore the other options such as riprap or vertical retaining walls, to ensure your home and shoreline is protected with the right product.

Click here to learn more about shoreline restoration with geotubes.

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