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Vinyl Sheet Panel Retaining Wall & Geotextile Shoreline

Over 10’ of shoreline had eroded away from this shoreline within Plantation Golf and Country Club in Venice, FL. The erosion was causing damage to the concrete pipe, as well as de-valuing the surrounding property.  Plantation chose Florida Shoreline and two shoreline restoration methods to correct the shoreline erosion problem; a vinyl sheet panel retaining wall and geotextile tubes.  The end result is the restored yards for the residents and a protected stormwater pipe for the neighborhood.


The vinyl sheet panel retaining wall is constructed with ShoreGuard’s revolutionary FlatPanel wall system. The FlatPanel is an attractive alternative to traditional corrugated sheet piling.  ShoreGuard’s vinyl sheet panels are engineered to withstand the harsh Florida environment and come with a 50-year product guarantee not to rot, crack, or decay like wood and/or concrete walls.  Another great feature of the vinyl sheet panels is that they are made with over 90% post-industrial recycled materials making it very environmentally friendly.

This wall is caped with pressure treated wood and Trex composite decking (concrete caps also available).  Both the wall and cap materials come in many different colors to fit your aesthetic requirements----not available with wood or concrete.  To learn more about seawalls and retaining walls click here.

The remaining portion of the eroded shoreline was restored with geotextile tubes.  The tubes were custom made, laid along the shoreline and filled with sand/silt dredged from the lake, and then graded and covered with sod.  The end result is a yard that now extends 10’ further into the lake.  Click here to learn more about geotextile tubes.

Call today for a free no obligation inspection and quote for any shoreline work you may be considering 941-927-1410.

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