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Beach House Helical Piling Installation

Helical pilings are for more than just stabilizing a settling building.  Helical pilings were utilized on this project to support the new concrete canopy covering the entrance to the Beach House Restaurant on Bradenton Beach Florida.


Eight RS2875 round shaft helical pilings manufactured by Chance® Systems ---the world leader in foundation stabilization since 1912 were installed.  To account for differing loads which can occur on the beach the pilings were installed at a 15 degree angle providing a compression load of up to 60,000 lbs and tension loads of up to 30,000 lbs.


Florida Shoreline is proud to be a certified Chance® and Atlas® Systems installing contractor.   This means that Florida Shoreline meets or exceeds all of Chance® and Atlas® Systems standards for quality and professionalism while offering engineering based foundation solutions for any project, large or small.

Please contact us today to help with any foundation solutions you may be considering.


Click here for more information about helical pilings and foundation stabilization.

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