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Foundation Repairs, Cracks, Underpinning and Stabilization in
Sarasota, Bradenton, Venice and Tampa


Helical pillings and resistance piers in Sarasota are typically the best solution to stabilize and/or lift a residential or commercial structure. They are also used to retrofit a foundation to increase load requirements (e.g., to add a 2nd story addition) or to provide uplift resistance to hurricane force winds. Florida soil conditions may cause structures to move upward or downward due to poor or loose soil conditions, shrink and swell clays, and decomposing organics (that big tree next to the house that was cut down ten years ago and now the decomposing root system is allowing the soils above to compress and allow your foundation to settle).



Helical piles and resistance piers are galvanized steel piers that are attached to a building’s foundation, installed at intervals around the perimeter at the affected locations and screwed or driven down to competent soils to bypass the problematic soils causing foundation settling and movement to the existing structure. 


Each helical piling or resistance pier is designed by our engineers to perform based on the required loads and soil conditions of your project. The process starts with gathering data about your existing soil and structure’s condition.


TESTING AND DESIGN: for most projects, the design process occurs with gathering information about your project:

Foundation repairs, cracks and underpinning
  • We obtain soils information from a geotechnical engineer to define the soil conditions.

  • A structural engineer works with us to define the necessary capacity of the piles, the pile type and configuration based on the soils report and existing structural conditions.

  • The pier type is determined.

  • A plan is created to resolve the settled condition, stop the foundation settlement of the structure and a permit is applied for.


IMPLEMENTATION: We mobilize to your site and review the scope of work with you. The workmen are careful to protect surroundings and clean up as work proceeds. The site is left in a safe and clean condition at the end of each workday. The installation of the piers is documented and any variances are discussed with the engineer of record. At the end of the project we review the site conditions with you to ensure the site is being left as planned. We also offer full-service remodeling and cosmetic repairs to our clientele.


FINALIZATION: Installation logs are kept for each piling and reviewed by the engineer of record. The logs keep track of the total depth achieved by each pile and pressures encountered during installation. The logs are submitted to the building department along with a Certificate of Completion from the engineer to certify that our installation was in compliance with the plan. The installation ends at this point; the permit is finalized and you can rest assured that you have installed a strong foundation with no further foundation settlement.




  • Resistance piers: Round shaft columns that resist buckling and offer superior strength. Can be installed in hard-to-access areas.

  • Helical pilings: Fast, efficient and affordably installed; the best solution for most applications. Can be installed in hard-to-access areas.

  • Slab piers: Support for existing interior slabs and walkways




Underpinning a settling foundation in Sarasota with helical piles or resistance piers allows one to retain or recapture a potential lost asset’ value through repair and remediation. When a structure’s value might have been thought to have been lost due to settlement, it may now be salvaged.  The value returns to a marketable condition and cash flows of a real estate investment can resume or be created. The cost of repair with an underpinning solution is almost always more economical than removing the structure, repairing the soils and rebuilding. All underpinning materials are covered with a transferable 30 year material warranty.

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