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Versatility of Boat Lifts

Here is a project that shows the versatility of the boat lifts Florida Shoreline installs. This customer wanted a boat lift that could lift a 25’ boat, but until he gets that boat, he wanted to store (2) PWCs. So we simply added another set of bunks to the lift to accommodate the PWCs. When the owner wants to moor a boat on the lift, a simple adjustment of the bunks is all it takes. This 10,000 lb capacity boat lift has direct drive motors, with lifting speeds of 24” per minute, remote control with auto-stop, and vinyl covered aluminum bunks---all standard on our boat lifts. The boat dock is constructed with all stainless steel hardware, plastic piling wrap to help protect the pilings from the marine boring organisms, black piling caps, and WearDeck PVC decking----which doesn’t get hot in the sun.

The customers loves their dock, and here is what he was nice enough to say on Google:

Thanks to Florida Shoreline and Foundation for building a fantastic dock & lift on a tricky location. The entire crew was excellent. All very professional and conscientious. Especially Christian & Matt who did a great job of showing the job elements to me, and cleaning up everything tidy, which instills great confidence in the work. I appreciate it very much!

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