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Multi-colored Trex Boat Dock and Deck

These homeowners on Sarasota Bay wanted to turn their back yard into an oasis they could enjoy with their friends, family, and grandkids. They had a dock and deck but they were too old and too small. Florida Shoreline worked with the owners to design, permit, and create the perfect backyard hangout.

The old pressure treated deck was removed and replaced with a custom design that blended the dock and deck together.  The deck was expanded to double the original size, and is finished with two-tone Trex decking and custom made wood benches around the border—perfect for safety and entertaining. Now, the sunset can be enjoyed with a few dozen of their closest friends.

The boat dock was also greatly expanded and the Deco Boat Lift reinstalled.  Now there is plenty of room for their boat, a few friend’s boats and/or fishing and enjoying the view.

Custom features on the deck:

  • Main deck area is Trex Select, pebble gray colored decking.

  • Deck is “picture framed” with madeira color decking.

  • Custom benches are a blend of both colors.

  • To hide the underneath side of the deck Trex Selects fascia in pebble gray was chosen

  • All fasteners are stainless steel to withstand the harsh Florida environment.



Custom features of the boat dock:

  • Main platform is in Trex Select, pebble gray trimmed with the madeira.

  • The decking on the access ramp has alternating colors—unique touch for any dock or deck

  • Deco boat lift, set up to accommodate a tri-hull pontoon boat.

  • Black piling wrap to help protect the pilings from marine boring organisms.

  • Stainless steel carriage bolts and screws secure the dock.

  • Custom lighting for comfort and security.



Florida Shoreline realizes each boat dock (and customer) is unique.  We will work with you to help design and permit your perfect backyard oasis. 


Call us today for a free, no obligation visit and estimate for your dream dock.

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