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Helical Pilings for Seawall Tiebacks & Marine Applications


Helical pilings for seawall tiebacks can be utilized for new seawalls or repairing existing seawalls. Helical pilings for tiebacks provide superior strength and adaptability for anchoring and reinforcing new and existing seawalls where concrete deadmen are failing or not feasible. The helical pilings can be installed on a batter (angle) to navigate around existing structures such as pools and building foundations and the installation process minimizes damage to lawns or gardens. A sacrificial anode can be incorporated into the installation to provide additional life to the piling system.


Helical Anchors are excellent solutions for moorings and pilings especially in sensitive environments where disruption of the seabed must be minimized. Each anchor can be designed to adapt to existing conditions and can be fabricated to extend anchor life from corrosion.

Benefits of Helical pilings for tiebacks & anchors for seawall tiebacks & marine applications:

  • Can be installed in limited-access area

  • Can be designed site specific for existing conditions and intended loads

  • Can be proof-tested and immediately loaded

  • Can be easily and quickly removed, if necessary

  • Life span can be increased indefinitely with a sacrificial anode

  • No impact to the environment or surrounding area


Fast, reliable and affordable foundation solutions with a transferable 30 year warranty.

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