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Seawall Project: Bird Key

Florida Shoreline has completed a superb seawall project on Bird Key. 

Along with a new boat dock, boat lift, Florida Shoreline is starting another seawall project on Bird Key in Sarasota. The client is building a new home, and before they do, they requested for Florida Shoreline to replace the old failing concrete wall with a new vinyl sheet panel wall.

The project went as follows:

  • The vinyl sheet panels for the new seawall are all in.

  • The next step is to fill the void between the old and new wall with crushed shell. This helps stabilize and strengthen the wall while still allowing  the release of hydrostatic pressure behind the wall.

  • Once the wall is back filled the form work will begin to pour the new seawall cap.

  • Then it’s onto the boat dock and boat lift.


See the Before and After pictures.

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