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Seawall Erosion Repairs in Sarasota, Bradenton, Siesta Key, Longboat Key, Casey Key, Venice, Osprey and Nokomis.

Many older walls throughout southwest Florida do not need replacing, but they are showing signs they are nearing the end of their designed life.  One common sign is erosion holes behind the wall.  These are typically caused by the joints between the precast seawall panels crumbling and deteriorating, allowing the soil in the yard to flow through the wall.  Often this does not mean a new wall is needed, just a simple repair.

To slow/stop the erosion filter cloth and small crushed shell is placed on the landward side of the wall.  This will still allow water to flow through the wall—which is very important, but should slow/stop the erosion problem.

From small repairs to your seawall or a complete replacement Florida Shoreline will provide an honest assessment of what work truly is needed, no high pressure salesman working on commission.   Call today for a free inspection and quote.

Here is what one recent customer said about Florida Shoreline…….”Your men did a neat job, with no down time. They worked hard from arrival to leaving.  Very nice repair!”            Dino D,  Bradenton, FL

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