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New Seawall Sarasota Bay

This home on Sarasota Bay with over 200’ of shoreline had an old composite sheet panel seawall which was not suitable for the pounding waves and the Florida sun.  After only 15 years was already in need of replacement.  Florida Shoreline was hired to design and construct a new seawall to complement the major renovations of the home and ensure the owners will not need to replace the wall ever again.


The new seawall sheet panels consist of CMI ShoreGuard 475 Flat Panel vinyl sheet panels.  CMI/ShoreGuard has revolutionized the vinyl sheet panel seawall with the flat panel look.  The corrugated look has been eliminated while still offering the structural strength and integrity of the traditional corrugated sheet panels. CMI/ShoreGuard seawall sheet panels come with a 50-year guarantee not to crack, rot, or decay like concrete walls, and the composite wall it replaced.


To help protect the home and yard against the pounding waves from the bay the elevation of the wall was raised 20” and then topped with a 5,000 PSI concrete cap and tieback system.  The boat docks were repaired, the yard backfilled and ready for sod.

To learn more about installing a new seawall or repairing the one you have please call Florida Shoreline today for a free no obligation inspection and quote.  Click here to see more information about seawalls by Florida Shoreline.

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