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Here is a seawall and boat dock project we recently completed in Sarasota. The old concrete seawall was 50+ years old, was cracking and showing signs of movement and failure. The boat dock and boat lift were even worse.  Florida Shoreline was hired to get rid of the old and build a new dock and wall—and make it all look good and be ready for the owner to put it on the market for sale.

The new seawall is a ShoreGuard brand vinyl sheet panel seawall driven in front of the existing wall.  The vinyl sheet panel wall is superior over concrete walls as it comes with a 50-year product guarantee not to crack or decay–concrete panels offer no warranty.  The wall is finished and secured with a concrete cap and PVC encased galvanized steel tieback rods.  To help protect against future storm surges and flooding the new seawall cap is now 2 feet higher than the old wall.

The high quality features of the boat dock, which Florida Shoreline considers “standard”:

  • Trex composite decking, guaranteed for 25-years

  • Stainless steel deck screws and carriage bolts. No nails, nothing galvanized

  • Plastic pile wrap, to protect the pilings from marine boring organisms

  • Flat piling caps, protects the top of the piling and still allows a place to put your drink. 


Four larger additional pilings were installed for future installation of a boat lift.

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