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New Boat Dock - Sarasota Bay

After years of battering wind, weather, and storms this homeowner on Sarasota Bay was in need of a new boat dock.  Not liking the look of the composite materials and wanting to keep the “traditional” look of a wood dock, pressure treated decking was installed.  The dock extends 150’ into Sarasota Bay, giving the homeowners, their children, and grandchildren the ability to enjoy fishing, boating, and beautiful sunsets on the bay.

To ensure proper setting of the pilings Florida Shoreline augured into the rock/limestone bottom to ensure the dock will hold up through many years of storms and whatever Mother Nature brings.

Take a close look at the pictures and notice some of the features and options Florida Shoreline provides its customers, including:

·         All stainless steel hardware, including carriage bolts and deck screws.

·         Coping around pilings (not square cut) for a cleaner more finished look.

·         Aluminum fish cleaning table with running water

·         Fishing rod holders

·         Custom wood bench with cup holders

·         Retractable aluminum ladder

·         Custom lighting

·         Carpeted bunks and winch post for easy launching/retrieving of a small boat


Call Florida Shoreline today for a free inspection and quote.  We will come to your home and discuss with you the many options available to make your new boat dock the perfect place to spend time on the water.

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