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Tom, I do not like hearing you are an unhappy customer, but I am very surprised with your review, as much of what you claim is not accurate. I’m sorry you are upset I did not agree to come back and do additional work for you for free to help you sell your home, but I do not think this platform is the best or fairest way to handle your frustrations with the sale of your home.

First, if I missed any of your calls I do apologize. I always try to return all calls in a very timely manner, but none of your calls are in our daily Customer Management System.

When we spoke on March 4th we agreed to meet at your home two days later. When on site you showed me the problem; an old post/pipe you exposed while self prop-dredging with your boat to make the boat slip area deeper, for the benefit of potential buyers of your home. I agreed to remobilize a barge to try and remove it at a fair price. When we met at the end of the project (July 2021) this pipe was not visible, and you were very happy with all aspects of the dock. To now claim we left it there and it is our job to remove it without you paying for it isn’t fair or reasonable.
Regarding your statements the dock not being straight and the inability to install a boat lift, again I am surprised at your claims. The decking is cut “jagged” to fit the top of the wall (your wall does not have the typical straight concrete cap). We cut the decking around each rock at the top of your wall to create a very smooth, trip-free walking area. If the decking was cut straight as you wished in your review there would be gaps between the decking and the wall. It took many hours to do this extra detail work and it looks great---as shown in the attached picture and the pictures on the Zillow listing for your home. Also, the dock is prominently featured in several pictures in your Zillow listing as well as the first selling point mentioned in what is “special about the home” - 1837 Upper Cove Ter, Sarasota, FL 34231 | MLS #N6130383 | Zillow.

Regarding the boat lift; before building your dock, I prepared several site plans and we discussed several options, some with and some without a boat lift that would fit within the narrow, 60’ wide canal behind your home (see attached site plans and proposals). In the end you chose to build a wide dock to create a large, ample seating area on the water, and forgo the boat lift. It is a shame since your house is now for sale and you are being told by potential buyers they would rather have a boat lift, you blame this on me. Yes, I told you this past fall a lift could not be installed next to the existing dock, but I told you the same thing before we built the dock. This is the dock you decided was best for you at the time, and it was a very well-informed decision. You have enjoyed the dock for almost three years and it had not been an issue until the house went up for sale.

My offer still stands to come back and help with any additional work you may have.

To see the proposals (click here) and site plans discussed before construction began (click here).

Michalik pic 2, from Zillow.jpg
Michalik pic, from Zillow.jpg
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